tear one's hair out

tear one's hair out informal feel extreme desperation.
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  • tear one's hair (out) — idi tear one s hair (out), to manifest extreme anxiety, grief, or anger …   From formal English to slang

  • tear one's hair out — verb To react with extreme agitation. My friends job at a call center is so stressful he could tear his hair out …   Wiktionary

  • tear one's hair out —    If someone is tearing their hair out, they are extremely agitated or distressed about something.     I ve been tearing my hair out all morning trying to find the error! …   English Idioms & idiomatic expressions

  • tear one's hair out — informal feel extreme desperation. → tear …   English new terms dictionary

  • tear one's hair out — informal act with or show extreme desperation …   Useful english dictionary

  • tear one's hair — phrasal : to pull or pluck one s hair as an expression of grief, rage, frustration, desperation, anxiety; also : to feel or display such an emotion tearing his hair over a pile of bills * * * tear one s hair 1. Former …   Useful english dictionary

  • tear — Ⅰ. tear [1] ► VERB (past tore; past part. torn) 1) rip a hole or split in. 2) (usu. tear up) pull or rip apart or to pieces. 3) damage (a muscle or ligament) by overstretching it. 4) (usu …   English terms dictionary

  • tear — tear1 /tear/, n. 1. a drop of the saline, watery fluid continually secreted by the lacrimal glands between the surface of the eye and the eyelid, serving to moisten and lubricate these parts and keep them clear of foreign particles. 2. this fluid …   Universalium

  • hair — hairlike, adj. /hair/, n. 1. any of the numerous fine, usually cylindrical, keratinous filaments growing from the skin of humans and animals; a pilus. 2. an aggregate of such filaments, as that covering the human head or forming the coat of most… …   Universalium

  • tear — 1. v. & n. v. (past tore; past part. torn) 1 tr. (often foll. by up) pull apart or to pieces with some force (tear it in half; tore up the letter). 2 tr. a make a hole or rent in by tearing (have torn my coat). b make (a hole or rent). 3 tr.… …   Useful english dictionary

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